Private Investigators & Investigation Services in Tanzania

Greetings and heartiest welcome from Tanzania private investigators, an investigative firm, this is one of the finest private investigative firms located in Tanzania and having the great roles for looking after the comprehensive intelligence and security needs of the people working in various parts of Dodoma and other major cities of Tanzania. We are famous for providing the qualitative supports to every needful client who is located in any region and requiring effective investigation services and superior consultancies to have security, intelligence and tracing services to safeguard prime interests.

It is very much understood that there is no bigger interest, other than to secure your personal life and protect your vital corpuses and growing businesses from various evil eyes which are staring at you to steal your peace and create a chaos in your untroubled life. Moreover, living in any part of Tanzania can’t liberate you from getting into the clutches of these evil people who may ensnare you in their net in such a way that there is no way out to set you free from their clutches.

This to make to alert and watchful in identifying such bewitching eyes of various kinds of perpetrators, fraudsters and criminals who might be keeping a track of your entire movements and waiting for a right moment to give the heavy blow to shatter your dreams and ruin your life. This kind of possibilities is quite ignorable where we are here to alert you at every step to make you vigilant and observant in detecting various risks and threats in life.

This is a kind of assurance and affirmation from the great professionals of our team that we will always there with you and smaller desires made by you in using our processes will definitely have the bigger meanings and great significance to do the best for you. There won’t be any exaggeration in saying our team is recognized as the highly organized and premium firm for having the highly qualified and best trained private investigators who are working with higher spirits to serve the best in their ability to fulfill various demands of people in the country. The greater skills and higher dedication arranged us to deliver the professional private investigations and Intelligence services to every individual, governmental organizations and reputed companies located in different regions of Tanzania.

Our expanded network with overseas private investigation agencies helped us in extending our investigation services in Europe, United States, Asia and African continents. By virtue of our hard work and experience, our private investigators in Tanzania have earned the expertise in Insurance investigations, which is best utilized by clients throughout Tanzania. Major Private Investigation services in Tanzania delivered by our investigators are:

Private investigation Services

  • Corporate Investigations for Clients
  • Insurance Investigations
  • IP Investigations
  • Background Verification Services
  • Locating Missing Persons
  • Tracing Debtors


  • Computer Forensic Examinations
  • Matrimonial Investigations
  • Tracing Child Abusers & Molesters


  • Security Guards
  • Personal Protection
  • Electronic Protection

Today, our private investigator in Tanzania has the bigger concern in providing perfect security with confidentiality and an assurance to have the right advisor to fulfill your needs. For having the access to our services please do contact us on, our premium services are well designed to offer cost effectiveness, best time management and great contentment to have unique services.

About Tanzania Private Investigators

Tanzania Private Investigators is well known source for private investigations established by some group of intellectuals from different intelligence and security department who have the years of experience and expertise in business intelligence operations and illicit or commercial examination with specialization in security planning and management. The ideal aim of having this is firm is to meet the intelligence and security needs through effective private investigation services in Tanzania. Our major expertises are:

  • Security Services
  • Tracing Services
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Security Consulting
  • Insurance investigations
  • Locating Missing Persons
  • Tracing Debtors
  • Security Guards
  • Personal Protection
  • Electronic Protection

Our expanded network of associates with oversea private investigation agencies helped us to extend our investigation services in Europe, United States, Asia and African continents. Our excellent investigation and consultancies can be obtained by individual, government entities and companies located in different regions of Tanzania. For having the access to our services please do contact us on